Inventor of the universal plug

The "red universal plug" has made the company famous: TOX is a leader in the field of universal plugs. Since 1941, the medium-sized family business has been offering around 1,200 branded plugs and fastening systems. The comprehensive range - from hollow wall plugs, expansion plugs, heavy-duty anchors, sanitary and frame plugs to insulation fasteners - is consistently tailored to the needs of the users. With in-house development, application technology, production, and distribution, TOX guarantees consistently high manufacturing quality, fast disposition, and delivery capability.

Many craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts rely on the original - and thus on the red Tri-Dübel. This universal plug was the first of its kind and was invented by TOX in 1973. TOX continues to rely on branded plugs that impress with their high processing quality. This makes TOX one of the leading suppliers in the German market and secures the top position among countless metalworkers, sanitary professionals, installers, electricians, carpenters, and drywall builders who use TOX plugs on a daily basis.

Since our foundation, TOX has stood for innovative products and competent solutions in the field of fastening Technology.

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